Live Lecture and Lesson

There are many things happening with the society you live in.

The economy has failed.

Democide has been made to be acceptable.

Unprecedented conflicts are spreading across the world with no end in sight.

Sociopathy is respected.

Important questions are being met with confusion and ambiguity.

Antinomianism is prevalent.

Many people do not know the answer to the most important question about all of it…


The answer to that question is the reality that most people reject or will reject and it also points to a more important question… what can YOU do about it?

This lecture and lesson is for an extremely small group of people.

The information conveyed during this event is necessary for the forward survival of “innocent” people, regardless of location or situation.

Unlike anything you have ever been exposed to, what you learn in this lecture and lesson is IMMEDIATELY applicable and beneficial, also providing you with the information necessary to avoid or mitigate the onslaught of depraved and nefarious people that value destruction, decay, and death more than growth, development, and life.

The information to be conveyed is absolute, which means there is no other way to survive without this information. Anyone that does not know and apply this information is already condemned to a sardonic and/or saturnine death in the dirigisme which is the true state of captivity that you and everyone you know of lives in. If you are a reasonable person, do not have a hand in maintaining the old era, and are willing to acknowledge the full reality of life and death, register for this event.